Freising: Julia and Felix Paszkiewicz set the course for the future

The two Ju-Jutsu aces from Pulling are taking different paths: Julia Paszkiewicz wants gold at the World Games. Her brother Felix will break up in 2021.

Pulling – They are something like the figureheads of Ju-Jutsu in Germany: The siblings Julia (25) and Felix Paszkiewicz (23) who live in Pulling have made it into the international top in the Japanese martial arts, which is related to judo. With their respective duo partners, the two compete for SV Niederroth (district of Dachau). With great success: The Paszkiewiczs have been part of the national squad of the German Ju-Jutsu Association (DJJV) for years and, with their partners Johannes Tourbeslis and Ian Butler, are part of the crème de la crème of Ju-Jutsu. It is all the more bitter that Felix wants to withdraw from competitive sports due to health problems.

Ju-Jutsu is considered the “gentle art of self-defense”. The two siblings have dedicated themselves to this sport from childhood: Julia started at six, Felix at five. Her father Adam Paszkiewicz (63) inspired her for this. The father, who came from Poland, became aware of this sport in Munich and Oberschleißheim – and mother Gabriele (59) also tried it. She had taken a Vhs course.

The breakthrough came at a newcomer tournament

So Julia and Felix followed in their parents’ footsteps. And how! They started taking part in competitions when they were 14 and 13 respectively. They achieved their breakthrough in December 2010 at a newcomer tournament. Since then, they have trained a lot and made enormous technical progress. Julia remembers that she and her brother were always good at belt tests, for example. So good that they were invited to trial training by national trainer Jens Nöding, who is always looking for talent.

According to Julia, they “did funny things”, for example dropping themselves onto balloons until they broke. Felix remembers that back then you were “gently introduced” to this multifaceted martial art. They were soon spotted for the national squad. It was important for Felix to be able to be there to achieve success through Ju-Jutsu. Then he thought: “I want to be like them. I would also like to wear the federal eagle on my chest. “

Masters of martial arts: Ian Butler (left) and Felix Paszkiewicz formed a successful duo – now Felix wants to withdraw from competitive sports.

© Eschenfelder / DJJV

For this he and his sister have worked hard on themselves from then on. “When others were partying, we trained in the hall for three hours at a time on Saturdays,” says Julia. Felix describes the program as follows: “Always repeat, grind in and do better.” During the competition season, the load was steadily increased.

The siblings trained independently of each other with different partners. Julia with Johannes Tourbeslis, Felix with Ian Butler. We spurred each other on. The two duos can now look back on more than two dozen national and international top placements. The awards piled up.

Julia and Felix have collected numerous medals at world and European championships as well as other international Ju-Jutsu tournaments.

© Alexander Fischer

But the siblings never competed together. For good reason it seems. “Had we done this together, it would have ended in a blood feud,” jokes Felix.

The ju-jutsu fighter has meanwhile made a profound decision: “I’m going to quit this year,” announced Felix. It has become too stressful for me – and after ten years of competitive practice I have rib problems. Instead of his sport, Felix now wants to concentrate on his professional career: He is training to be an office clerk at the Freisinger Stadtwerke. Felix did his Abitur in Munich at the Theresien-Gymnasium. But he wants to remain loyal to the Ju-Jutsu sport and his club. “I will continue to train the juniors,” he promises.

The dream of winning the World Cup is not yet over

Julia, on the other hand, does not even think about ending her career. One of her sporting goals is the World Games 2022 in the USA, which will take place in Birmingham / Alabama. There she and her duo partner still have a small bill to be answered. Because at the World Games in 2017 they competed as underdogs, qualified, demonstrated their whole class – and promptly ended up in second place. Julia and her partner are currently fifth in the world rankings. Even the dream of becoming a world champion is not over yet – on the contrary. Julia refers to the Paris Open 2018. They managed to beat icons of Ju-Jutsu like the Italians Sara and Michele Paganini-Vallieri.

Perhaps the Silver Laurel Leaf that Julia and her duo partner were awarded by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in 2017 can still be topped. Mind you, that was in Berlin – in Bellevue Palace. A recognition for their performance in the World Games – the title fights in non-Olympic sports.

At the same time, Julia Paszkiewicz has already set the course for her professional future: She studied communication sciences and is currently doing her master’s degree in marketing management. The graduate of the Camerloher-Gymnasium in Freising also wants to take a master’s degree in applied sciences at the university in Augsburg.

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