Frida Sofía surprises her fans by deleting all her photos from Instagram

The daughter of the singer Alejandra Guzmán, Frida sofia, deleted all the publications that he had in his account Instagram apparently to start his artistic career from scratch.

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And it is that the also aspiring interpreter revealed that she would launch her new musical single, which will be titled ‘Bad Girls’ and that it will be released next year.

The controversial artist e influence Only three posts were allowed to be left, one of which said:

“I’d rather be who I am and have 7 followers than have 1,000,000 trying to pretend and / or please others by forgetting about me (sic),” the artist posted.

The 28-year-old singer decided to keep the preview of her new song which will be released in 2021. As the third publication on her account Instagram it’s from a video where she promotes one of her beauty items.

It should be remembered that in November 2019, the daughter of La Guzman began his artistic career with a concert in Houston, Arizona. However, several of the attendees complained that the artist was not singing live, but was lip-syncing.

On that occasion, several internet users who saw videos of the event pointed out that Frida sofia He could not follow the lyrics that were heard in the microphones and for that reason, he tried to hide his mistake by interacting too much with the public.

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