Frida Sofía was arrested in Miami, United States, for disturbing public order

frida sofia was arrested in Miami, United States. The actress is again involved in controversy, since she was arrested by Miami authorities, presumably, for disturbing public order and “resisting arrest without violence”.

frida sofia, daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, was released after paying bail of thousand 500 dollars, according to information recorded in his arrest record.

Before the arrest, the famous had published a video on her Instagram in which she wears the same look that can be seen in the photograph of his arrest record, where he is seen with purple-dyed hair and a beige or sand-colored sweater:

Photo: Condadod and Miami-Dade

Frida Sofía’s arrest record and the crimes of which she is accused

Several months after initiated a legal dispute against his mother and grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, whom he pointed out sexual abuse against her as a child, frida sofia was made available to the authorities in Miami, United States.

According to the arrest record published by the United States authorities, country where frida sofia has lived for several years, the daughter of Pablo Moctezuma and Alejandra Guzman disturbed public order and resisted arrest, for which a more to be released.

The information provided in the arrest record, dated from the January 24, 2022, and with time 00:09, that is, minutes after midnight, highlights the crimes for those who accused the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, famous with whom she has been estranged for years:

  • disorderly conduct
  • resistance to arrest

Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter is fined

According to the official information, released by the authorities of U.S, to the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, who months ago showed her support for Enrique Guzmán and called Frida Sofía to reconcile, the following was established bail amount:

  • For the crime of disorderly conduct, he was imposed 500 dollars.
  • For the crime of resisting arrest, he was fined $1,000.

That is to say, the young woman, who decided to remove the surname Guzmán, at least on social networks, he had to pay thousand 500 dollars in order to be free, amount that it was already cover, so that Frida Sofía, who lost a sister months ago, he is no longer in the custody of Miami authorities.

So far, it is unknown if it was Alejandra Guzman The Pablo Moctezuma, father of Frida, who paid the bail imposed on the young woman, who has attacked all the members of the Pinal family, including Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel.

Ni Alejandra Guzman ni su family have issued some kind of statement With respect to Frida’s arrest.

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