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MIAMI, Fl.- Those disappointed in politicians because “everyone is the same” should turn to see what is happening these days in Washington to regain faith that decency still exists and can triumph.

Forty million Americans watched the start of the Capitol hearings, which put Donald Trump at the center of a criminal conspiracy to derail the presidential election he lost.

All members of the bipartisan investigative commission have received threats.

Republican Russell Bowers, president of the Arizona House of Representatives, appeared before the committee on Capitol Hill, sitting next to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, also a Republican, who was threatened with jail by Trump if he did not alter the vote.

Bowers is an older, lifelong Republican, devout, rancher who has had only one tie for many years, wearing it only on special occasions in his life. On Wednesday he was one of them.

In the days leading up to the election qualifying, Bowers received calls from President Trump and his attorney Rudolph Giuliani. They were asking him to convene a legislative hearing to review the accusations of fraud in Arizona. To both he said no.

They also required him to allow fake voters access to the Arizona Electoral College ballot, to create chaos.

I explain:

In this country, voters do not elect a president, but voters who in a session vote to define who of the candidates will be president.

It has never happened, but in a state where x presidential candidate has had more popular votes, the voters (538 in the entire country) can choose the other. It would be completely legal.

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Except for Nebraska and Maine, which have proportional representation, in all other states whoever wins the popular vote appoints all the electors of that state, who meet and vote.

Trump and Giuliani concocted the perverse plot in seven states, where Biden won, so that fake voters would show up on election day and vote for Trump and not for the winner.

It was obvious that the anomaly was going to be detected, but the objective was to generate chaos in the session. “They won’t let us vote!”, “They are stealing the election!” (in fact in Nevada and Michigan they made a scandal).

Trump and Giuliani’s instruction was: if you can get in, vote for me, and if you can’t get in, make noise. That would give Vice President Pence arguments to invalidate the election.

Pence, as is known, did not enter the game of his boss. He opted for the Republic.

Bowers, from Arizona, was tasked by Trump and his attorney with arguing that there was fraud.

President Trump himself made a statement in those hot days: “Bowers told me that I had won the election.”

The Republican leader of the Arizona Congress immediately denied it. Giuliani called him to ask him to help nullify the election and let bogus voters into the state’s Electoral College session.

“Give me proof of the fraud,” Bowers told Giuliani.

“We have many theories, but we simply have no evidence,” Giuliani replied.

Bowers rejected the maneuver and the state government (Republican) certified the elections in which Biden (Democrat) won.

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In the days that followed, motorcades of Trump supporters surrounded Bowers’ home, using megaphones to insult him and his family, make threats and show off weapons.

Inside the Bowers home, her daughter Kacey lay dying. She died in March 2021.

The old Republican, who campaigned for Trump, voted for Trump, keeps a diary in which he writes his activities and reflections at night.

At the end of Wednesday’s session on Capitol Hill, he read what he had written in his personal journal when he was at the center of pressure from Trump and Giuliani:

“I don’t want to be a winner by cheating. I will not play by the laws to which I have sworn allegiance. Against any artificial desire to divert my deep and fundamental desire, I will follow the will of God, as I believe he led me to embrace my conscience. How else will I approach him, in the desert of life, if I am a coward for not defending the straight path that he led me to take?

Bowers will surely lose the August election, in which he is running for re-election. But his example will go down in history. I sign them

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