from dog sleds to “dinosaurs”

Skiers on the Gran Vía, people in period costumes, ball fights, cars with faces, dog sleds … The snowstorm that has hit the country since Thursday has left surreal and unusual scenes in the capital that Internet users have not hesitated to share on the networks.

Despite the recommendations of the General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies not to leave home this weekend due to the effects of the storm ‘Filomena’, many have ignored it and have not been able to resist. Among the moments of danger and difficulty that the snowfall has left, others of ingenuity, joy and fun have also been seen.

One of the most prominent has been that of a person who has walked through the neighborhood of Hortaleza with a sled pulled by dogs, a scene more typical of a movie in Alaska than of Madrid or that of the many skiers who have traveled the spine from Madrid (Gran Vía) as if it were a ski slope.

Some even claim to have seen dinosaurs walking through the snow as a sign of the arrival of the apocalypse, while for others their neighborhood went back a few centuries with women walking their vintage cancanes through white streets.

But if a video sums up well how surreal the situation is, it is the one captured this Friday night, in which a person disguised as Pikachu walks through the snow disoriented.

Madrid became an unusual and white catwalk of fashion and characters known as the Stormtroopers from Star Wars, the Power Ranger or why not? people dressed as unicorn

Creativity also made a hole in the shape of snowmen, some of them easily recognizable as the famous Olaf from the movie Frozen or the cast of Cars drawn on the cars that slept in the open.

But for those less creative, they could well have joined this snowball fight in the Plaza de Callao or have chosen to have a beer on a terrace and be able to say that “four drops fall and people go crazy”.

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