From Santiago to Alabama: the zoom that brought together Evópoli with Parisi to test agreement on candidacies for the Constitutional Council

By Zoom and in complete secrecy, yesterday afternoon the Evópoli board of directors met with the table of the People’s Party and its leader and founder, the economist Franco Parisi, who lives in Alabama, USA.

The president of Evópoli, Gloria Hutt, and the general secretary Juan Carlos Gonzalez -who is the link with Parisi since he has known him since they both worked at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Chile-, in addition to his peers from the PDG: his helmsman louis moreno and the general secretary emilio pena. The theme that brought them together was to explore the possibility of a possible alliance for the candidacies for the Constitutional Council.

There they talked about how each store sees the constituent process, through the constitutional reform that has already been approved in particular in the Senate and that this Thursday will be seen in the Chamber of Deputies. The truth is that Evópoli’s idea is to test the ground before possible alliances that could be made for the candidacies, an issue that is being debated in Chile Vamos.

Although its coalition partners – the UDI and RN – have refused to make a pact with the Republican Party and there are probably two lists of candidates on the right, from Evópoli they seek to analyze all the alliance optionsbecause it is especially uncomfortable for them to agree with the store Jose Antonio Kast.

In this way, internal sources say, yesterday’s appointment is included in the analysis of a possible Plan B in the event that the UDI and RN finally decide to go along with the Republicans. In fact, of yesterday’s meeting with Parisi and the PDG, Evópoli did not inform his colleagues from Chile Vamos.

Those who knew about the meeting say that the conversation first revolved around how the PDG analyzes the constitutional reform. There the party stated that it was upset with the UDI and RN because their initial proposals for the process were rejected, among them the one that included an entry plebiscite for people to choose the mechanism and whether or not they wanted a new constituent process.

Then they talked about the process in the Lower House, where the PDG hopes to influence through the presentation of indications. In Evópoli it was striking that the party founded by Parisi appeared in the press with the intention of “torpedoing” the process, by delaying the processing of the bill with the discussion of amendments.

Other sources maintain that there was no direct talk of alliances, but that possibilities were explored. In fact, the PDG asked Evópoli what real possibilities there were of a Chile Vamos pact with the Republican Party, to which they replied that there were not many.

So far in the internal of the two parties they indicate that nothing is defined. In the PDG they maintain that they are exploring alliances with any force. Recently, the general secretary, Emilio Peña, spoke with the president of the Republican Party, Ruth Hurtado. They feel comfortable with this last group, because, like them, they opposed the constituent process. In any case, the PDG does not rule out going alone to the elections.

While in Evópoli they are also looking at various alternatives, for which they have maintained contacts with Yellows for Chile. In the party of the liberal right they emphasize that in the CEP survey of this Wednesday, 34% identify more with the political center than with the left and the right. That is why they affirm that this is where the sector has to turn. In addition, they argue that this same point was reflected in the fact that Hutt was the sixth best evaluated political figure, surpassing the presidents of the UDI, Javier Macayay de RN, Francisco Chahuan.

Other contingency issues were also discussed at the meeting. Parisi took the opportunity to comment on public order problems and criticize the government for the announcement of 13 pardons for people deprived of their liberty, among them the perpetrators of looting, arson, frustrated homicides, and an ex-frontist.

The economist has been attentive to the constituent process and some within the PDG -such as the deputy Ruben Oyarzo– They have proposed him as an alternative to be appointed as one of the 12 experts appointed by the Lower House, since he could return to the country in January. But so far, Parisi has not revealed his intentions.

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