Fuerza por México nominates Rogelio Aboyte Limón for mayor of Bácum; arrested in the United States in 2018


Through its social networks, the Fuerza X México party announced that Rogelio Aboyte Limón, who faced charges in the United States for falsifying documents, will be its candidate for mayor of Bácum.

Pedro Sánchez Malacara·January 8, 2021

Rogelio Aboyte Limón, candidate for mayor of Bácum, and Carolina Lara, State President Fuerza por México Sonora. Special.

Through their social networks, the Fuerza X México party made known that Rogelio Aboyte Limón, who faced charges in U.S for falsification of documents, will be your candidate for mayor of Bacum.

Rogelio Aboyte won the municipal elections of Bacum in 2018 as a candidate of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), but he lasted three months in office, since on December 27 of that same year he was arrested by US immigration elements.

The reason for the arrest was that the politician tried to enter the neighboring country with false documentation in the name of Jaime Fernando Bautista, for which he was detained at the checkpoint of DeConcini, en Nogales, Arizona. In addition to having a criminal record in that nation.

Aboyte Lemon He was sentenced to 15 months in prison, but obtained his freedom before that period, however, his position as municipal president was filled by Benita Aldama Lopez and its link with Brunette it was broken.

The presentation of Aboyte, who is the first candidate presented by Fuerza por México in Sonora, caused controversy on social networks a day after the nascent party named Carolina Lara Moreno as state president.


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