Gas Prices Set to Increase Further in Maryland, Virginia – NBC4 Washington

Starting Friday, the price of fuel will increase in Maryland and Virginia, and all on the eve of the July 4 holidays.

In Maryland, this would bring the cost of the state gas tax from 36 cents to 43 in just days.

But what is the reason for the increase in the midst of one of the highest times of inflation that have been seen?

It is precisely because of that – inflation.

The constant rise in prices is having a direct effect on the economy of Latino households and organizations that help them. The director of one of these says that “the situation is critical… Economic support has decreased, but the need has increased.”

A bill approved in 2013 imposed an automatic increase in the gasoline tax based on the increase in inflation, which is measured by the Consumer Price Index.

The increase again pushes gas prices close to $5 a gallon, a situation that has Marylanders spending more and some losing business profits.

That’s the case for Danny Ardon, who says he has given up hope on lawmakers because they don’t understand the plight of the people.

“Let’s say before we had a profit of $10, now what we have is a profit of $5. It affects us a lot,” said Ardon, a driver and owner of a small taxi company. “I think that legislators, after all, do not care what the people say. It will affect our pocket but… we always have to pay for it”.

A similar situation is being experienced in Virginia, where drivers will also see a 7% gas tax increase on Friday due also to inflation. The increase will be about 3 cents per gallon.

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Governor Glenn Youngkin tried to prevent the tax increase from happening, but was blocked by Democrats.

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