Gay Bar Offers Free Help To Deploy Covid-19 Vaccine

The gay bar ‘Nightingale Club’ has ample space for medical staff and vaccine deployment

Due to the great work that the vaccination against coronavirus, gay bar ‘Nightingale Club’, located in Birmingham, UK, offered its space to help with the deployment of the vaccine against Covid-19 in the city.

“Following the amazing initiative taken by @BrewDogJames, we too would like to offer the @NightingaleClub venue to help with the vaccine rollout for free. We are one of the largest venues in Birmingham with ample space for NHS staff on three floors. Let us help, “posted the iconic gay bar on his official Twitter account.

He Nightingale Club It calls itself “Birmingham’s oldest and largest LGBTI venue,” with three floors, four rooms and five bars.

The first to offer a space was James Watt, CEO and co-founder of Brew Dog, who posted the following message on his Twitter account:

“We would like to offer our Brew Dog enclosed locations to assist with rapid implementation of the vaccine. Free. We have waiting areas, huge refrigerators, separate rooms for vaccines, and an excellent team that can help organize. We want to help. “

Watt congratulated Lawrence Barton, director of ‘Birmingham Pride’, for offering The Nightingale Club on behalf of Birmingham. He said it was “great to see other hospitality venues closed offering assistance as well.”

Gay bar postponed documentary for 50th anniversary

Also, many users applauded Nightingale’s offer on social media. Some Birmingham residents even requested songs for vaccinate.

The iconic gay bar would have a documentary to commemorate its 50 years of history, which would be premiered at ‘Birmingham Pride 2020’. However, the event had to be postponed until May 2021 due to the quarantine.

Many LGBTI venues have been struggling in the wake of the pandemic, such as ‘Eden Bar’, another Birmingham LGBTI venue, which had to close in October 2020.


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