George Spencer, Lady Di’s great-uncle that the Pope could make holy

Lady Di’s great-great-great-uncle on his way to the altars. In other words, William and Harry, great-great-great nephews of a future blessed. An acknowledgment that could lead them to St. Peter’s Square to participate in a Catholic celebration as their father, Prince Charles, did at the canonization of John Henry Newman in 2019. The Anglican Spencer family tree has since Saturday a venerable relative for Rome: Father Ignacio. Pope Francis signed the decree by which he recognized the heroic virtues of eight Catholics, including the Passionist priest Ignacio de San Pablo (1799-1864), a consecrated name that George Spencer chose after his conversion. In addition, this Catholic priest would also be directly related to the former British prime minister in wartime, Churchill, of whom he was a great-uncle.

Such are the blood ties between George and Diana of Wales, who both grew up on Althorp, the 1,500 hectare estate located 120 kilometers from London, which has been in the family for more than five centuries. In fact, its current owner is Charles, 9th Earl of Spencer and brother of the late princess, who at 56 bears a more than reasonable resemblance to his ancestor. George’s bond with the historic mansion was not limited to childhood alone, but when he became a priest of the Church of England, common among the younger sons of British nobles, he was in charge of pastoral care in the villages of the area.


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