German NBA stars: This is how Dennis Schröder and Co. do in the biggest basketball league in the world!

After superstar Dirk Nowitzki, several other German national players have made it into the American professional basketball league. Dennis Schröder and Maxi Kleber are currently under contract in the NBA. This is how things are going for them in the current 2022/23 season.

While the international football leagues are on hold because of the World Cup in Qatar, the seasons in other sports continue in the run-up to Christmas. In the US by April 2023 in the NBA fought for points. Some Germans are also represented in the professional basketball league. This is how they are currently doing.

Dennis Schröder made a bad start to the season in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers

Dennis Schroeder is probably currently the biggest German basketball star. The point guard is currently with the The Angels Lakers under contract, who got off to a miserable start to the season. After 16 games, the club was on the penultimate place in the table (14) in the Western Conference. Dennis Schröder recently had a pitch-black day when he didn’t throw a single basket for his team in the 105:115 defeat. However, Dennis Schröder was not available to the Lakers right at the start of the season in October. The German national team captain was initially out due to a thumb operation, but made his comeback in the 128:121 win against the Detroit Pistons on November 19. Schröder was able to impress again at the San Antonio Spurs, winning with the Lakers with a score of 143:138 – shortly afterwards, however, the team gambled away their 17-point lead against the Indiana Pacers in the final meters (115:116).

Schröder does not rule out a return to Europe and to his own club, Basketball Löwen Braunschweig. “Maybe I’ll go to Europe, maybe I’ll play in my own club. I want to keep that open,” said the 29-year-old to the German Press Agency in Los Angeles in mid-November.

That’s how it works for Moritz Wagner and Franz Wagner at Orlando Magic

Two German basketball professionals are under contract with Orlando Magic: the brothers Moritz and Franz Wagner. Her team also didn’t start the season well, finishing 13th (of 15) in the Eastern Conference after 18 games. However, on Saturday, November 19, Franz Wagner showed a very strong performance with the Indiana Pacers at 113:114 (55:51). He was the top scorer of the game, but missed the lay-up in the final seconds for a possible win. His brother Moritz, on the other hand, has not yet played this season due to injury. Despite a comparatively good first half, the game against Indiana Pacers on 11/22/22 ended with a 102:123 for the Orlando Magic.

At their first joint appearance this season, Franz and Moritz Wagner had to admit defeat to the Philadelphia 76ers on November 26th, 2022. The two brothers lost with the Orlando Magic at home with 99:107 (56:52). Franz Wagner scored the most points for his team with 24 points, while Moritz Wagner scored seven points on his season debut after recovering from an ankle injury. The next game on 11/28/22 was also without a win. Franz Wagner and Moritz Wagner lost to the Philadelphia 76ers with the Orlando Magic 103:133. Franz Wagner scored 17 points, Moritz Wagner scored twelve points.

Daniel Theis injured: No game in NBA season 2022/23 for Indiana Pacers

30-year-old Daniel Theis from Salzgitter plays for the Indiana Pacers and should be much happier with the table situation in the Eastern Conference at the moment. His team is in fifth place after 17 games. But he is also plagued by injury problems: he has not played a match this season due to knee problems. It is currently not certain when it can be used for the first time.

Maxi Kleber plays for the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA

German number 5 in the NBA is Maximilian “Maxi Kleber”. He has been playing for the Dallas Mavericks, the former club of basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki, since 2017. The start of the season was mixed for the team, after 17 games they were only in 10th place in the Western Conference. And there seems to be a curse on the German NBA professionals this season: Kleber also injured his back in the home win against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Würzburger then had to take a break.

Isaiah Hartenstein loses starting lineup for the New York Knicks

Another German national player in the NBA is Isaiah Hartenstein. The native American is currently under contract with the New York Knicks. The team is 7th in the Eastern Conference after 18 games. Unlike the other German NBA players, the 24-year-old is currently not worried about injuries. He recently recorded a 129-119 against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but lost his place on the starting lineup to Mitchell Robinson and had two points and eight rebounds off the bench.

The German player was beaten by the Portland Trail Blazers 129-132 (116-116, 61-62) after overtime in his New York Knicks’ home game on November 26, 2022. At Portland, the duo of Jerami Grant and Anfernee Simons topped with a total of 82 points. Hartenstein got six points. Hartenstein also lost on November 28, 2012 with the New York Knicks 123:127 against the Memphis Grizzlies for Ja Morant. Hartenstein had four points and four rebounds and one block in his quarter of an hour on the field. On November 30th, 2022 things started to pick up again: after the last two bankruptcies, the New York Knicks beat the Detroit Pistons 140:110. Hartenstein had 8 points and 5 rebounds in Detroit.

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