German Special Forces Soldiers Put FBI on Anti-Terrorism Alert for Bizarre Visit to Arizona Hospital

The German Embassy in the US itself was not aware of the mission of that military unit.

Two soldiers from the German Special Forces Command (KSK) were reported to the FBI as probable terrorists after they reported to a hospital in Arizona (USA) near which they had been conducting military exercises, informs The mirror.

The elite military arrived at the medical center in civilian clothes and wanted to find out if the Germans could receive treatment there in case of any injury or infection by Covid-19. The mysterious visit of the men set off alarms among the staff, who immediately alerted the FBI, suspecting that they could be terrorists who were inspecting the place to plan an attack.

They foil radical conspiracy in the German Army, aimed at mass murder of politicians

According to workers at the health institution, reports the German weekly, the two Germans behaved “strangely” and refused to show any identification documents. The FBI responded to the complaint with “great urgency.”

Apparently, German special forces operated in the area under strict secrecy, to the point that their own embassy in Washington was not aware of the mission and the misunderstanding could only be resolved after numerous phone calls between the two governments.

It is not the first time that an elite unit of the Bundeswehr has seen itself in the spotlight. Last year, German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said she wanted to restructure the KSK, following a series of incidents that linked it to the far right.

In 2018, Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigation foiled a plot by some members of the KSK who were “preparing for the end of the world” and plotting the assassination of several “unwanted” politicians.

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According the official site of the German Armed Forces, the KSK, created in 1996, is dedicated to special missions such as the rescue of hostages or the liquidation of terrorists and war criminals, as well as special intelligence tasks. The unit is based in Calw, in southwestern Germany.

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