Girl († 7) mauled by pit bull: dog owner charged

Louisiana (USA) – Little Sadie Davila († 7) was playing carefree in the garden when she was suddenly attacked by a free-ranging pit bull and fatally injured by several bites. The owner of dog has since been arrested and is now facing charges of involuntary manslaughter.

A free-roaming pit bull mauled 7-year-old Sadie Davila (†). (symbol photo) © DPA/Ulrich Perrey

The tragedy unfolded Friday night in the village of East Baton Rouge Parish (US– State of Louisiana). Like the news platform WAFB9 reported the 7-year-old was visiting a relative when she was attacked.

Accordingly, the relatives even tried to save the girl, but the pit bull is said not to have let up.

After the attack, Sadie was taken to a hospital. There she finally died as a result of the brutal attack.

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Haley Anselmo, the mother of the deceased, addressed the public in a Facebook post: “Our Sadie passed away last night. […] My baby. She was only 7 years old. My mini me. The light in my heart,” read the message from the desperate mother.

“There are no words for this feeling. My family is devastated. Please pray for us.” Pray for pit bull owners to be charged and held accountable.

In fact, the local authorities announced a little later that Erick Lopez (20), the owner of the wild dog, had been arrested. He is now being charged with involuntary manslaughter for allowing his pit bull to do terrible damage without supervision.

Little Sadie’s father, Mikey Davila, also tweeted on social media: “RIP my sweet Sadie Elizabeth, 7 years old and taken from us in the most violent way. The world is a cruel place. You were the light in my heart,” he wrote on Instagram.

The homicide unit of the local police has now started the investigation. “This is a terrible, heartbreaking tragedy,” said Acting Sheriff Sid Gautreaux.

“My heart goes out to this family, they will remain in my prayers.”

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