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“Admiral Boris Yamkova” is the name of the monograph book published in Severodvinsk in 2020. Evpatoria residents became one of the first readers of the new edition. And this is no coincidence – childhood, youth and the beginning of combat youth of the famous admiral took place in our city. Therefore, the signal copies of the book, at the will of the author, took their place on the shelves of the Evpatoria Central Library System, the local history museum, the veteran organizations of the city, as well as the settlements of Mirny and Novoozerny. A separate copy with a dedication was given to the hero’s niece Nadezhda Lianskaya, who currently lives in Evpatoria.

The author of the book is Vitaly Sergeevich Smirnov, a member of the Russian Military Historical Society. Since 2007, he is the chief editor of the international patriotic Internet project “Heroes of the Country”. Since 2010 he has been working in the Severodvinsk Museum of Local Lore, is actively engaged in research work on historical topics about war and love for the Motherland. Back in 2015, Vitaly Smirnov was interested in the biography of Boris Efremovich Yamkovy, who went from a cadet of the naval school to an admiral, who made a great contribution to strengthening the country’s defense and the development of the Navy.

To create a documentary and fiction book about Boris Yamkov, Vitaly Smirnov had to send inquiries to archives, museums, military and civil organizations of Russia more than once. Including – in the Evpatoria Museum of Local Lore, the Selvinsky gymnasium.

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In 2017, Vitaly Smirnov came to Evpatoria to visit the relatives of our fellow countryman. They shared facts from his biography, showed the grave of his mother and brother, and provided photographic materials. Local historians, researchers of the city museum, teachers of the Selvinsky gymnasium, as well as an employee of the newspaper “Flag of the Motherland” Boris Purtov helped in collecting documents and memoirs. And in August 2018, in our city, on the initiative of this naval journalist, events were held dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Boris Yamkovoi, Admiral of the USSR Navy in Yevpatoria.

Meanwhile, Vitaly Sergeevich found the admiral’s grand-nephew via the Internet, who also shared photos and documents. Over the next two years, the author-researcher managed to create a fiction-documentary, richly illustrated collection, the materials of which convincingly emphasize the uncommon personality of Boris Efremovich Yamkovy – a naval leader who gave 50 years of his life to the naval service.

In his address to the readers of his book, Vitaly Smirnov writes: “Boris Yamkova was an active participant in the Great Patriotic War, and in the post-war period, occupying various posts, he strengthened the country’s defense, showing heroism, courage and love for the Motherland. Knowing the history of the fleet, naval art, he was fluent in the intricacies of naval theory and practice, which he comprehended from the first days of service and in the harsh war years. His military path was appreciated by the country’s leadership – the eleven Soviet orders with which he was awarded speak for themselves … His life path is an example to follow. “

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I would like to believe that this example will not go unnoticed, first of all, by young readers. The doors of libraries, military-patriotic, literary associations and clubs are wide open for them, various Internet publications and discussions on social networks are available.


Member of the Presidium of the City Council of Veterans.


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