GoFundMe for Indiana man who saved 5 people from house fire raises $500,000

The GoFundMe for an Indiana pizza delivery man who saved four children and their 18-year-old sister from a burning house last week raised nearly half a million dollars as of Wednesday morning.

Nick Bostic’s cousin Richard has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the heroic pizza delivery driver’s recovery after suffering cuts, burns and blisters to his legs and arm. The page raised $453,509 on Wednesday morning.

“This kid is the real deal,” Richard wrote on the page. “Unfortunately he has serious injuries and will need help during his recovery.”

Bostic, who delivers pizza around Lafayette, was injured around 12:30 p.m. on July 11. As he managed to pull the teenager and three of the children out of the burning house, Bostic ran into the flames and fought through thick smoke to search for a 6-year-old child who was still inside. He finally found her and carried her out a window.

His injuries required treatment for several days in the hospital.

Nick Bostic saved four children and their 18-year-old sister from their burning house.
Bostic’s GoFunMe raised half a million dollars.
Valérie Holdman/Facebook Fundraising

Bostic appeared on “America’s Newsroom” Monday and recounted what happened after he spotted the flames and ran inside.

“Before I was halfway out the door, I started yelling if there was anyone inside,” Bostic said.

Bostic said he started thinking the house was empty until four people heard him and ran towards him. He then led them outside and asked if anyone was left.

Bostic's cousin, Richard, started the GoFundMe page.
Bostic suffered cuts, burns and blisters to his legs and arms.

“They said there was a 6-year-old left in there. So, I went inside,” he said.

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Bostic described the unsuccessful search for the child and how smoke began to fill the house.

“It scared me very much,” he said. “But then I started hearing Kaylani’s scream.”

Bostic said he grabbed the child in his arms and was able to climb through an upstairs window and carry him to safety.

After the rescue, Bostic said God used him as an instrument that night.

Fox News’ Amy Nelson contributed to this report.

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