“Going to mass is not at odds with wearing heels”


Updated:05/01/2021 01: 02h


The pandemic caused by the coronavirus only brings misfortunes, however there are people like the multifaceted Mario vaquerizo (46 years) who do not lose their smile in the face of difficulties. “I am not as happy as on other occasions because the behavior patterns are changing, but I trust that all this is momentary and I am looking forward to returning to the usual normality, not the new normal,” he assures ABC through a telephone conversation .

Writer, singer, representative, television, Mario Vaquerizo is characterized by being pure nerve. And although, as incredible as it may seem, this talkative and sociable character loves spending time at home with his people: “I’m not suffering much with the restrictions. I carry it with caution and respect, complying with everything they are dictating to us because I am a good citizen and I have to obey what the authorities ask for. He thinks that in these difficult moments “there is no use being angry”: “This is a complicated situation and you have to adapt to it. Live our day to day with prudence and caution, but without stopping doing what we like. I’m not going to be desperate, I’m quite optimistic “, although without a doubt what I miss the most is” being able to kiss and hug people without having to ask their permission. “

The energy it transmits is the same that is seen through the screen: all natural, nothing over-acted. And that is why Mario Vaquerizo has not stopped working despite the pandemic. This Christmas, the husband of Alaska He has run as a J&B face with some tips to become the ideal host. The famous vocalist of “Nancys Rubias” has prepared a style and manner guide to be a truly flawless host. «I am very patriarch and I like to share everything that makes me happy. I am a very good host because I like to pamper people “, and he assures that it comes” naturally. I like to organize ».

This complicated Christmas, the couple has celebrated the holidays in compliance with the health regulations imposed by the Government. “On December 25 I celebrated with Olvido, my parents, my mother-in-law, my sister and her husband, six in total and New Year’s Eve with my closest friends.”

Although he affirms that “he does not know what it is to be traditional or conservative”, Mario Vaquerizo likes to put a nativity scene in his house and goes to mass whenever he can. «These are things that make me feel good. I don’t understand why it has to be at odds that I go to mass and take communion and then put on high heels. I am not one of dogmas, I like all the good things that each thing has ”, and assures that“ I usually go to mass every Sunday that I can. I don’t go to church anymore because it’s Christmas».

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