Gold Rush: White Water Alaska – S1 – Jul 16, 2022, 6:25 p.m

Gold Rush: White Water Alaska – S1 – July 16, 2022, 6:25 pm – Teleboy

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Saturday 16 July • 18:25



Landslide Alert


Great Britain

For the past eight weeks, Dustin Hurt and his companions have been toiling like mad in Alaska, but so far the men in the wilderness are still empty-handed. And now the adventurers are getting in the way of a change in the weather. Heavy rains make the treasure hunt in the mountains a risky undertaking. When commercial diver Carlos Miner ventures into the current to dig up nuggets, the whitewater suddenly turns dark. A massive landslide could trigger a tidal wave at McKinley Creek.
Prospector Dakota Fred and his son Dustin return to screens in this Alaska Gold Rush spin-off. The two have had a long, hard dry spell. But this time they are certain: With the help of experienced divers and mountaineers, they will extract the gold from the bottom of McKinley Creek. The area is difficult to access, no gold digger has made it here. Fred and Dustin want to change that – and take the risk that comes with searching for the precious metal in a raging river.





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