“Goodbye Germany” stars barricade themselves in houses because of Hurricane Ian: family not available

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Created: 10/02/2022 06:37 p.m

Von: John Erb


Hurricane Ian is relentlessly raging in Florida. The tropical storm also hits those “Goodbye Germany” emigrants who have found a new home in the US state. The aftermath of the storm seems uncertain.

Cape Coral A number of emigrants were already drawn to “Goodbye Deutschland” to Florida. But there, where there is otherwise an abundance of sun and sand, the real catastrophe threatens: Hurricane Ian sweeps across the US state and leaves a trail of devastation in its wake – including for those Germans who have found a new home there in the Vox cult show found far away from the Federal Republic.

Hurricane Ian also threatens “Goodbye Germany” emigrants – state of emergency in Florida

Hurricane Ian is causing flooding and storm surges on Florida’s west coast. The governor of the Sunshine State has already classified the tropical storm as one of the five most severe hurricanes in Florida. Even with those who live thereGoodbye Deutschland“-Emigrants are in a state of emergency: The Betz family reports to Instagram again shortly before the storm and shows how to arm themselves against the storm: The front door has to be reinforced with a thick wooden board and the swimming pool is drained so that the heavy rain can pour in first fill before flooding occurs.

Just like Melissa Raab (left), a number of “Goodbye Germany” emigrants have already moved to Florida. They are currently battling the storm surge, power outages and fires caused by Hurricane Ian (photo montage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Flamingo Pictures/Raabery Ink Society

More than two and a half million people have already had to be evacuated in Florida, but the “Goodbye Germany” emigrants seem to want to stay in their house for the time being. You are not alone with this decision: the Lehmann family is also staying within their own four walls. But there is currently great concern about the “Schnitzel House” operators. Like Flamingo Pictures, the production company behind the Vox format, at Instagram reported that the restaurateurs are currently unavailable.

Hurricane Ian sweeps across Florida – a storm and its aftermath:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has classified the current situation as “life-threatening”. Cities like Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral and Naples have been flooded, and in some places the water has reached a height of three and a half meters. Although the storm has abated in the meantime, the region is still exposed to severe storms. Around two million residents are currently without electricity, and some of the infrastructure has completely collapsed. Hurricane Ian swept across the west coast of Florida at speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour. According to the news agency AFP the tropical storm is already one of the most severe natural disasters of this type that the USA has ever experienced.

Fear of existence among “Goodbye Germany” families – emigrants show damage from Hurricane Ian

Meanwhile, the Raab family, who run a tattoo and piercing studio in Florida, also have to worry about their existence. “We’re still alive, but the worst is yet to come,” piercer Melissa keeps her followers up to date. Here, too, the decision has been made to stay at home. A few hours later, pictures of the horror can be seen on their social media profile: the water is high and rushes through the streets. When it gets dark, a fire even breaks out in the house next door.

“We’re already wearing life jackets,” Melissa says, concerned that the storm surge caused by Hurricane Ian could soon inundate her home. As a precaution, the family has packed their most important belongings in canoes – like many others, they still have anxious hours, if not days or weeks, ahead of them. A completely different drama recently took place on the Vox show itself: A “Goodbye Germany” emigrant simply emigrated with his children – The background is a violent custody battle. Sources used: instagram.com/goodbyedeutschland.vox, instagram.com/flamingopictureskoeln, instagram.com/raaberyinksociety, afp.com

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