goodbye Sedona, hello Carnival!

The Kia Sedona will be renewed during the year as a 2022 model. However, although the configuration of the van is being renewed, it will change its name to Carnival… Like everywhere else in the world.

To please our neighbors to the south, Kia and Hyundai usually name their SUVs and minivans in honor of a city on American soil. It is for this reason that we find in the ranges Sorento (Illinois), Tucson (Arizona), Palisade (Colorado), Telluride (Colorado) and so on until Sedona which is also located in Arizona.

By doing so, Kia is proving and demonstrating its affection to the American people by doing them this honor. If you are wondering if it really works… every Quebecer knows the Alfa Romeo Montreal, even if it has never been sold here.

Kia Carnival 2022

This brings us to the fourth generation of the Kia minivan which will be introduced in the year as a 2022 model. Although the Sedona designation is well established in North America, this minivan bears the Carnival name on almost every other. markets. We now learn on a forum of fans of the Sedona (yes, it exists) that, depending on the serial number, the name Sedona will be abandoned in favor of Carnival. The information would be taken from a serial number that was provided to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for approval.

Kia Carnival 2022

The new Carnival will arrive by the end of the year with a completely redesigned body as well as a revised interior from A to Z. Technically, even if we were hoping for a hybrid or PHEV version, this will not be the case, at least at launch. We discover a 3.5-liter V6 of 290 horsepower. Unfortunately, unlike the Toyota Sienna and the Chrysler Pacifica, it will not be available with all-wheel drive.


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