Governor Sergei Tsivilev congratulated Kuzbass residents on National Unity Day

The head of the region noted that the holiday has deep historical roots and symbolizes rallying in the face of danger and external threats.

On November 4, the Governor of Kuzbass Sergei Tsivilev addressed residents with congratulations on the Day of National Unity. The head of the region recalled that the roots of the holiday go back to 1612. It was then, four centuries ago, the unification of people of different nationalities and love for the Motherland helped to defend its integrity and independence.

Today Kuzbass, like many others, is a multinational region. Representatives of more than 150 nations, nationalities and ethnic groups live here. Among them are Shors and Teleuts, for whom this Siberian region is a small homeland.

In order for different traditions, customs and languages ​​to be preserved, the region operates

national public and cultural associations, creative national teams are working, ethnocultural, educational and research projects are being implemented, national holidays are held. The important work to preserve the heritage of fathers and grandfathers will certainly continue, the head of the region assured.

I thank everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of the small Motherland, who helps to preserve the heritage of their people and our spiritual community. I wish prosperity to our land, health, peace and prosperity – to all its inhabitants!

– Sergey Tsivilev congratulated the Kuzbass people.


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