Great Britain proposal to have more F1 activity

Can you imagine a 4-day Formula 1 Grand Prix? In Britain they have every intention of doing so, considering that 3 days are no longer enough. This is not a given, not even a formal proposal to the FIA, but in Silverstone they want more activity during their weekend.

The activities of a Grand Prix are currently well marked. On Thursday there is already movement in the circuit, although the activity on the track begins on Fridays with practices, on Saturday the classification and on Sundays they have the race; now the British want a new format.

A 4-day GP: Great Britain’s proposal to have more F1 activity at Silverstone

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Stuart Pringle, CEO of Silverstone, explained more details about this idea during the Autosport International that took place in Birmingham. What he proposes with the British GP is something similar to a festivalbut with Formula 1 in between.

I am working a lot in Formula 1. We want to extend the weekend, I think they have to change the format. They say: ‘Well, it’s because of the FIA, they have to do system tests and stuff.’ Well, make them a day before.

Let’s do some things on Thursday. There are many people who want to come, see things and 3 days is not enough. Let’s make it the best part of a festival week. People set up camp at Silverstone on a Tuesday so they’d be entertained beforePringle said, according to Motorsport.

People’s response would prompt a longer British GP

Talking about activity in a British GP with 4 days implies the sale of more tickets; however, Stuart Pringle doesn’t think that’s a problem. On the contrary, he revealed that tickets are getting more and more sold outwhether it is a practice day or classification.

It is a fact that Sunday has always been full. We got to sell out Saturday tickets a few years ago and now on Fridays it’s practically all sold out too. That’s where the benefit is. And if you don’t make a profit, you can’t reinvest in the infrastructure..

If we improve the facilities, the better the experience for the fans and if it is better for the fans, it will be better for the championship generally. we will all win“Added the manager behind the idea of ​​​​the change in the British GP.

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