Great experience and love for history: the name of the guide from Taganrog is now in the federal database

The guide from Taganrog Sergey Datchenko has passed professional certification, and now his name is in the federal database. So far, this check is considered voluntary, but from July 1, each guide will be required to confirm their qualifications.

The text of the plot of the news program “Vesti. Don”:

Native Taganrog Alexander Datchenko is a guide with almost 10 years of experience. His parents instilled in him a love for the history and culture of his native city from childhood. Therefore, there was no doubt in choosing a profession, and when it became possible to confirm his knowledge with documents, the man was not afraid and was the first in the Rostov region to pass the certification of guides.

An obligatory point of a sightseeing tour of Taganrog is Chekhov’s house.

Getting acquainted with the main sights of the port city, we will also learn the details of the certification of guides. Accreditation is issued for five years and allows you to conduct excursions throughout the region. Therefore, for several months Sergey had to prepare for the exam, study all the significant facts for the Rostov region and get acquainted with the history of the smallest settlements.

The last stage of the exam is practical. Guides need at their discretion to tell about one iconic place. A special commission assesses the knowledge of the guide. It includes hospitality industry experts, academic staff and teachers. All certified guides are entered into a single federal database. Now it has almost 800 people from all over the country, and so far only one from Donetsk. However, the next exam will be held on February 15, which means that there will be more accredited guides on the Don.

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