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Season 17 of “Grey’s Anatomy”Is on a mid-season hiatus right now. Within the six episodes that have aired thus far, this season opened right in the middle of the pandemic, with occasional flashbacks to things from season 16.

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Fans of “Grey’s AnatomyHave seen numerous relationships and personal problems faced by the main characters in every episode, but the series is definitely known for its wild and surprising chapters where, at times, fiction is superimposed on the reality they want to represent.

And it is that not only one is mentioned, but several situations where the characters made questionable decisions regarding their work or relationships, decisions that in a real life scenario, would have had punishments that could even lead to jail for several years.

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Unfortunately, or fortunately for the series, none of them have been convicted of the crimes they commit, reaching the ridicule of how a group of doctors can do so many illegal things without anyone noticing. Screenrant has made a list of the 10 worst things they did and they got away with it.


Almost every doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy” has done an illegal action (Photo: ABC)

10. The fight between Derek and Mark

Derek decided to hit Mark after he told her he was dating Lexie, leading to a fist fight. Derek He should have been arrested for this incident and sent to jail for his actions as it happened at work, but both men got out of trouble. Not even the hospital took legal action.

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9. Meredith and Bailey revived a patient with DNR

A DNR it means that once a person dies, they do not want to be resurrected in any way. Bailey and Meredith have done this, Meredith in the season 2 without knowing that he was a patient DNR and Bailey in the 12 being fully aware of the wishes of the family of Omar. This would require the patient and the hospital to take legal action, but it did not happen.

8. When Burke covered the fact that he left a towel on a patient

In the season 1 of the show, it was revealed that when Preston He was a colleague, he had left a surgical towel on his patient’s abdomen. He knew it was there and forgot to tell anyone for fear it would ruin his reputation as a surgeon. He admitted his guilt and instead of being sent to jail for this cover-up, they accepted his apology and allowed him to continue working at the hospital.

7. Doctors who perform unauthorized surgeries

Unauthorized operations and procedures are the bread and butter on “Grey’s Anatomy” (Photo: ABC)

Although this would never happen in real life, it has become quite common throughout the seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy”For a staff member to perform unauthorized surgery on a patient or their own coworkers. It is not only unethical, but also against the law, and almost all the main characters are guilty of this.

6. Owen hit a patient

When the emergency room she was busy one day in the hospital, there was a rebellious patient who was causing a lot of trouble, including stealing another patient’s crutch and then hitting him with it. Owen decided to intervene after security failed to stop the man and ended up being punched in the face. Pitifully, Owen it is not the law and the patient would likely have sought legal action in response.

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5. Izzie and Denny’s full relationship

The season 2 introduced a patient named Denny Duquette. Your relationship with Izzie. He was experiencing congestive heart failure and it was his admission to the hospital that allowed him to Izzie get romantically involved. Things got out of hand when her condition worsened and the heart it was supposed to receive became unusable.

There was another heart available and Izzie decided to take charge of taking him higher on the donor list by cutting his cable LVAD. He then manually pumped his heart to keep him alive despite his DNR. It only got worse after he received the transplant, as he died due to an unforeseen clot, so many fans see that it was as if Izzie whoever killed him.

4. When Addison performed surgery without a consent form

Kate Walsh interpretó a Addison Montgomery en ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ (Foto: ABC)

Kate Walsh interpretó a Addison Montgomery en ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ (Foto: ABC)

A pregnant woman wanted Addison help her avoid having more children without telling her husband, since he did not believe in contraception. Addison She wanted the woman to sign the consent forms, but she refused in case her husband found out that it was his idea from the start.

Karev he did not agree and confessed the truth to everyone. However, instead of going to jail, his insurance paid for the damages and he was able to get on with his life. This was one of those times when Addison He should have done everything by the rules, but he didn’t and he didn’t get a punishment for it either.

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3. Meredith ruins a clinical trial

Meredith was part of the team conducting a clinical trial of a drug that could help patients with Alzheimer, but it ruined it. The wife of Richard Webber, Adele, was part of the trial and Meredith made sure she got the medicine.

It ruins the whole trial as she messed with the parameters by choosing who wouldn’t get the placebo, and it would have landed her some time in jail. This is not only a violation in the medical community that would have cost him a job, but it would have likely been prosecuted for his actions eliminating any possibility of his going back to any hospital.

2. Leah tried to give a Jehovah’s Witness a blood transfusion

Leah, one of the residents of the season 9, decided to try giving a blood transfusion to a jehovahs Witness, even though it goes against their religion. Fortunately, she is detained before she can complete the procedure, but she would still have been prosecuted for her actions. Everything was captured on camera by the remote doctor and the hospital was forced to press charges against him.

1. Jo showing up to work drunk

Already I was going through a difficult time in season 15 And she decided that showing up drunk for work was acceptable. Unfortunately, this would cause an employee to be arrested in the real world, but somehow Already she was sent home with no real consequences.

Jo Wilson was saved from going to jail on “Grey’s Anatomy” (Photo: ABC)


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