Grupo Clarín shares a residence in Delaware with a Paul Singer foundation – Télam

Orange Street 1209 in the American city of Wilmington, Delaware, is the place where The Corporation Trust Company operates, a building that accumulates complaints for housing the legal addresses of large economic groups that seek to evade taxes, including a few related firms. to Paul Singer and his vulture fund Elliott Management.

The C5N ‘Political Economy’ program reached that place when it crossed the homes of this vulture fund with the addresses declared by Grupo Clarín before the National Securities Commission (CNV) for two of its companies, VLG Argentina and Grupo Clarín Services.

Recently, The New York Times published that “big corporations, small businessmen, bandits, scoundrels and worse, all went to Orange 1209 seeking to minimize taxes, avoid regulations, manage friendly courts and when necessary to erase their tracks. Federal authorities fear that, in addition to the legitimate businessmen who emigrate there, there are also increasing numbers of drug traffickers, embezzlers and money launderers. “

In the same medium, the special agent of the US Treasury, John Casara, wrote a note in 2013, entitled: “Delaware, a den of thieves?”.

At 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware is Elliott Capital Advisors (Paul Singer’s arm in the United Kingdom), as recognized by the same investor before the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), the North American government body equivalent to the National Commission. de Valores Argentina, in a recent financial transaction.

The operation of TheCorporation Trust was extensively analyzed by Nicholas Shaxson in his book “The Treasure Islands”, which is considered today one of the most profound and serious investigations that have been carried out on tax havens and corporate policies to avoid taxes.

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