Gubkin activists discussed the implementation of the governor’s project “We Decide Together”

Regional Duma deputies Nikita Rumyantsev and Lyubov Kireeva met with the Gubkin opinion leaders. They talked about the implementation of the governor’s project “Let’s Decide Together”.

To date, applications are being collected for proactive budgeting for 2022 year… The event was attended by the chairman of the Council of Deputies of the Gubkinsky urban district Galina Kolesnikova and first deputy head of administration Igor Cherenkov.

Recall that last year the acting governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov proposed proactive budgeting. The head of the region called on all concerned residents to join the program and propose their own initiatives.

The “Solving Together” project is a small matter, something that needs to be implemented here and now in order to make our cities and villages more comfortable. Residents decide for themselves what they need: improvement of public spaces, courtyards, sports and playgrounds, parks and squares, arrangement of sidewalks, reconstruction and construction of roads, bus stops, installation of lighting, repair of memorials.

The winners were recognized 338 projects… Among them are 22 projects Gubkinsky urban district. All of them will be implemented by the fall of this year.


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