Gunman in Colorado had apparently announced deeds in books

In Colorado, a perpetrator shot and killed five people after the announcement in books. One of the victims died in a tattoo parlor.

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the essentials in brief

  • A gunman shot five people dead in Colorado (USA).
  • He announced his deeds in a science fiction trilogy he wrote.
  • The perpetrator was shot dead by the police.

The man who started the week in U.S. state of Colorado shot five people and apparently announced his actions in several science fiction novels. And also named the victims. The names of the victims partly agree with the names of characters in a novel.

“We are aware of the books that the suspect wrote under a pseudonym.” A spokesman for the Denver city police said Thursday. “You are part of our investigation.”

Sagittarius wrote a trilogy from 2018 to 2020

The shooter, who was shot by the police and identified as Lyndon McLeod, wrote a trilogy under the pseudonym Roman McClay. He wrote this from 2018 to 2020 and called it “Sanction”.

According to US media reports, in the first volume a man named Lyndon MacLeod kills a man named Michael Swinyard. One of the victims of the Gun attack on Monday was actually called Michael Swinyard. And was shot at the address given in the book.

The perpetrator was shot dead by the police

In another volume the author describes the Murder on a woman named Alicia Cardenas. Among the victims on Monday is also an Alicia Cardenas, the owner of one Tattoo-Studios.

The 47-year-old shot five people on Monday in various locations in Denver and adjacent Lakewood. There were two crime scenes Tattoo-Studios. The attacker was eventually caught by shot by a policewoman.

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