Gymnast Melnikova: “I read the comments on my Instagram, and people write to me directly. Very nice “- August 4, 2021

Russian gymnast Angelina Melnikova spoke about her attitude to the media and social networks.

At the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Melnikova won the gold medal in the team competition and became the bronze medalist in the individual all-around.

– Please tell me, during the Olympic Games, did you read media publications about yourself and the Olympic team? Did the press provide you with any support, or, on the contrary, did you try not to see it?

– I never really read this, because I try not to be distracted from the competition, but how and why? Messages and some instructions from my loved ones, coaches and so on are more important to me.

– Did they support you on social networks? Do you have any fan groups?

– Of course, I often read comments on my Instagram, and people write to me directly – very nice.

– Mostly good?

– Sure! – Olga Yakupova, Sport24 correspondent, reports Melnikova’s words.

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