Happy 2021! | The best New Year’s Eve performances

RTVE was filled with light, music and spectacle to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome the new year from the hand of national artists like Don Patricio, Pablo Alborán, Vanesa Martín, La Pegatina, Pastora Soler, Nia, Edurne or Efecto Pasillo, among many others. These are the best performances of New Year’s Eve special ‘Happy 2021!‘, presented by Chenoa and Florentino Fernández, which are already available at the channel of YouTube RTVE Music.

The first musical performance of 2021 after the New Year’s Eve Chimes was performed by Pablo Alboran with the theme ‘Let’s talk about love’. After his own Christmas special, and in a bluish and intimate sphere, the singer invited all the spectators to celebrate love: “You were always stronger than me. On the other hand, I am invincible if the curtain falls and we both stay.”

Rozalén also surprised on New Year’s Eve with a performance completely adapted for all audiences where the artist herself asked to be accompanied by a sign language translator for the hearing impaired. In this way, the singer’s message in ‘This train’ reaches the whole world in 2021: “I can see life through your eyes.”

The boys of Dvicio took the public flying with their interpretation of the song ‘Soy de volar’, one of the songs from his recently released album ‘Impulso’.

Following your own special pre-New Year’s Eve program, Vanesa Martín once again thrilled viewers with her song ‘… And flight’, where the singer-songwriter shone not only for her voice, but also for the spectacular sequin jumpsuit she wore on the stage.

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Don Patricio has become in the last two years a benchmark of urban music of the national scene since his summer smash ‘Counting moles’. Now, the canary rag boy gets on welcome the year 2021 with rhythm in ‘Pa for a lifetime’.

The years go by for everyone except for the voice of Pastora Soler, who continues to vibrate the stages with her passionate, slow and romantic music in ‘La soledad’. In a white jumpsuit full of red lights, he put another icing on the cake with perfect intonation in his “never miss you”, where all the splendor of his singing was appreciated.

I could not miss the appointment either the winner of ‘Operation Triumph 2020’, Nia. The young Canarian singer he played rumba and samba at night with his bolero ‘Malayerba’, accompanied by four dancers.

Beret came back and dreamed not only with his hands, but with his perfect performance where He raised the spirits of the entire audience with his single ‘Sueño’. He only needed a microphone and his voice to fill the stage with light and say goodbye to 2020 with the best of illusions.

Blas Cantó, already a veteran in the musical performances of RTVE and representative of Spain in Eurovision for the second consecutive year, he also had his moment on the stage of ‘Happy 2021!’ with her ‘Medley’ theme, sporting a sleek white sequin-filled suit.

Camela and her techno-rumba so well established in national music took place during the performance of ‘His madness, my pleasure’, where both singers took us to other times past managing to raise the entire audience present to welcome the year 2021 dancing like never before.

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Accompanied by a choir and with a red dress with a train, Diana Navarro had one of the most spectacular performances on RTVE’s New Year’s Eve, one of those that will be remembered. With a positive message with which to look to the future, the artist delighted the entire audience with his spectacular voice in ‘Brillará’. In addition, the singer wanted to launch a clear message in these times of confinement: “Do not take away our hope, we must continue to shine.”

Surely you have already heard it dozens of times. Dani Fernández asks all of us to ‘dance’ even once more on a very special New Year’s Eve.

Efecto Corridor went through the stage of ‘Happy 2021’! to sing ‘Similar’, a deep theme that speaks of equality with the characteristic sound of the group. They give us the key to the door of destiny, the one that is yet to come in this wonderful year 2021 that has just begun.

Sonia Gómez, Alba Reig and Tamara Nsue are Sweet California, the female music group known for their striking hair colors. All three scored a great concert with the theme ‘Groove is in the heart’, where Sweet California looked full of color, both in dress and in staging, with trumpets and funk sounds that lifted the entire audience and they took us back to the 80s with their music.

The Sticker and Wizard of Oz are two of the veteran national groups with different music that They have managed to sneak into all the town festivals from Spain. After so many years both groups come together to perform ‘Your mother is a goat’ to the rhythm of ska and rock opera.

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All the New Year’s Eve performances, now available on the YouTube channel RTVE Música

All these musical performances along with the rest of the performances that were Lola Indigo, Rosario Flores, Aitana, Melani, Soleá, Alaska, Manu Tenorio, Juan Magán, Samantha, and many other singers, are now available on the new YouTube channel RTVE Música, RTVE’s project to recover all past, present and future music in a single channel available to all audiences.

Further, This YouTube channel also includes the performances of the first three editions of ‘Operation Triumph’ and the most legendary concerts of RTVE programs such as ‘Applause’, ‘Directísimo’, ‘Música Sí’ or ‘Los concerts de Radio 3’.


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