Have you seen Colin Firth’s new love? The affinities with Bridget Jones are truly impressive!

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She is blonde, has a sweet face, blue eyes and she is also a journalist, although we are almost certain that she is not in the same trouble as Bridget Jones, who in the film had made Mark Darcy, played by the charming, fall madly in love Colin Firth. Just like his cinematic alter ego, the actor has found love again, following his separation from ex Livia Giuggioli. The new flame is called Joanna Gosling, is 50 years old and is a TV host.

Who is Joanna Gosling?

colin firth, cinematographe.itcolin firth, cinematographe.it

Born on January 5, 1971, Joanna Gosling was initially married to Craig Oliver, a former communications director, with whom she had three children. The couple separated in 2014. Older than three brothers, she grew up in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, where she studied at Aylesbury High School. Growing up she enrolled at the University of Birmingham, where she graduated in French. She later decided to pursue a career in the world of television journalism, although her main goal was to become a war correspondent. He started as an intern at BBC WM in Birmingham, FOX FM in Oxfordshire and BBC Radio Scotland in Edinburgh.

When he started working as a journalist, he started with the BBC One and BBC Worls nightly program, before moving on to the morning shift. In 2003, she appeared in a serial weekend show, conducting alongside Chris Lowe. During the summer of 2006 she appeared as an occasional presenter on BBC Breakfast.

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colin firth, cinematographe.itcolin firth, cinematographe.it

Joanne is also a writer – but not of diaries like Bridget Jones. Her first book is a survival guide for women, published in October 2011. It is a guide for female workers who also have to look after their children. The second book, on the other hand, was published two years later and is a series of projects to create objects for the home.

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