Hawaii couple ask to dismiss order against Ezra Miller

A Hawaiian couple has dropped their request for a temporary restraining order against actor Ezra Miller, famous for playing the Flash in the Justice League movies.

According to court documents, a judge dismissed the case Monday after the couple requested it.

William Dean, an attorney representing the couple, declined to comment Tuesday on why his clients dropped the petition accusing Miller of breaking into their room and threatening them in Hilo, a town on the island. Hawaii where Miller was arrested for allegedly harassing customers at a karaoke bar.

A judge had authorized the restraining order, saying it was necessary to prevent future harassment, and had set a hearing for Wednesday. It is unclear if the hearing will take place now that the case has been dismissed.

A hearing on Miller’s arrest is scheduled for April 26. There was also a hearing scheduled Tuesday in a separate case involving Miller’s alleged traffic violation in Hilo.

Francis Alcain, Miller’s Hilo attorney for all three cases, declined to comment Tuesday.

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