Hawks and Suns will not play today

The NBA has announced the postponement of the game set for this Wednesday that was to measure the Atlanta Hawks and the Phoenix Suns.

The Arizona franchise only has two players on the DL but does not have the eight players needed to play due to COVID-19 contact tracing. The Suns recently faced the Washington Wizards, whose roster has tested multiple positives for the virus.

The organization has already postponed a total of seven games so far, three of them this Wednesday. Due to this wave of positives and no-shows due to tracking, both the NBA and the NBPA have implemented new, more restrictive measures within their health and safety protocols, which will be in effect for at least the next two weeks.

Among them is a stricter monitoring of the environment of the players in their homes, as well as more social distancing in the meetings of the franchise and a greater number of tests and tests.

(Cover photo by Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

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