He handles a gun on New Years Eve and kills one of his friends

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A 27-year-old man died after being hit in the chest by an accidental shot, in Monbazillac, near Bergerac (Dordogne). The drama occurred during an evening between former high school friends, for New Years Eve.

They had decided to get together to celebrate the New Year together. Their Christmas Eve disguised on the theme of the famous television series “Peaky Blinders”, has turned into a nightmare, we learn. France Blue.

The revelers were around 20, all former high school mates aged 27 to 29, and had all dressed in clothes corresponding to this series which features gangsters from the interwar period, who act in Birmingham (Kingdom -United). For this New Year’s Eve, the band of friends had gathered in an isolated house in Monbazillac.

Some of the guests had come armed. While handling a weapon, a shot was fired, apparently accidentally. One of the young people who lives in Agen, was hit in the chest and collapsed. Despite the rapid intervention of the emergency services, he died.

Placed in custody for manslaughter

The alleged shooter, a young man of 27, who lives in Ain, was arrested and taken into custody for manslaughter. His police custody will be extended this Friday evening. All the participants in the evening were heard by the Bergerac gendarmes in charge of the investigations. In addition, the public prosecutor of Bergerac, Odile de Fritsch, indicated that there had been no attempt at cover-up.

The magistrate did not specify the type of weapon which is at the origin of the tragedy. The investigation will make it possible to understand under what circumstances this tragic disaster took place.

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