He hits his 14-year-old daughter with a curtain rod because she revealed her infidelity to her mother


The facts took place a few days ago in Franklin County, Alabama, in the United States.

A 14-year-old girl discovered while surfing the internet that her father had created a profile on a social network and that he potentially had a romantic relationship.

The young girl then denounced her dad to her mother.

Enraged, Christopher Andrighetti hit his daughter with a curtain rod and a piece of wood with incredible violence.

He threw his daughter to the ground before throwing objects at her, including glass bottles and the Nintendo Switch.

The 39-year-old then ordered the young woman to clean up the mess caused by her own anger. But the teenager refused.

The police, alerted by the mother, went to the scene and found the suspect hiding in a bedroom closet, covered in blood from self-inflicted wounds.

He was charged with domestic violence and child abuse and jailed in the county jail.

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