he keeps a dry fast for 10 days

In Hrodna, a court session on the case of oppositionist Mikalai Autukhovich and 11 other people involved in this case were interrupted. Autukhovich has been on a dry hunger strike for 10 days, and during the process he became ill. About it informs Belarusian service of Radio Liberty.

According to the publication, during the trial, Autukhovich developed severe pain and pain in his stomach, and his pulse quickened. He was examined by a doctor, then an additional medical examination was needed. Because of this, the court was adjourned.

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It is known that before the process, Nikolai was given an injection and some kind of pill. But his condition did not improve after that. He stated that he would continue the hunger strike.

Mikalai Autukhovich protests against the restrictions on correspondence; they stopped giving him letters even from his 83-year-old mother. Until Friday, July 22, he will be in the punishment cell.

In total, 12 people are involved in the “Autukhovich case”: Mikalai Autukhovich himself, priest Sergei Rezanovich, his wife Lyubov Rezanovich, their son Pavel Rezanovich, pensioner Galina Derbysh, Vladimir Gundar, activist Olga Mayorova, pensioner Irina Melcher, her son Anton Melcher, as well as Irina Goryachkina, Viktor Snegur and Pavel Sava. All of them were included in the list of individuals involved in terrorist activities in 2021.

According to investigators, Mikalai Autukhovich and “members of an organized group” prepared an incendiary mixture on the night of October 2, 2020, after which they poured and set fire to an Audi 80 car and a one-story residential building in Vaukavysk, belonging to a police officer. In November 2020, Autukhovich and “other members of a criminal organization” allegedly made an improvised explosive device and blew up a policeman’s car.

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In total, charges were filed under 15 articles of the Criminal Code.

Mikalai Autukhovich himself and Lyubov Rezanovich are kept in separate cages, so-called cups, as “especially dangerous”.

How informs state agency BelTA, one of the offenses of which Autukhovich is accused, provides for capital punishment (execution or life imprisonment).

Nikolai Autukhovich is a veteran of the Afghan war, the creator of a successful taxi fleet in his hometown of Volkovysk, Grodno region. He openly opposed Lukashenka and ran for parliament in 2004. After that, his company began to be actively checked, and in 2006 a criminal case was brought against the politician for non-payment of taxes and sentenced to three and a half years. Autukhovich was released in 2008, human rights activists recognized him as a political prisoner.

In 2009, Autukhovich was again arrested for illegal possession of cartridges: he had a registered weapon, five cartridges were found during the first search, and five more during the second. For each cartridge he was given a year in prison. The second time Autukhovich spent eight and a half years behind bars. In December 2020, he was arrested for the third time.

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