“He owes a lot of money to a lot of people”

It is not uncommon to see former football players who, having finished with their competitive career, find themselves in deep financial trouble. Between wrong investments, crazy spending, squandered fortunes and addictions of various kinds, there are many footballers who, once they hang up their boots, literally find themselves in choking water. And Jermaine Pennant, former winger among others of Arsenal and Liverpool, fully reflects this category of sportsmen gone bankrupt. The now 39-year-old’s company has in fact been declared bankrupt and his official debts are appalling. Then there would be all the submerged…

Bankrupt pennants

According to reports from across the Channel, the court of Birmingham County has issued an order of failure against the former Premier League star Jermaine Pennant, which owes a lot of money to several public and private creditors including HMRC, banks and utility companies. The media company founded by the former midfielder after his participation in the VIP Big Brother British, Jermaine Pennant Ltd, was dissolved in 2020 due to bankruptcy and various financial defaults.

Jermaine Pennant

A bunch of debts

A source close to the former player told the Sun: “He owes a lot of money to a lot of people, his debts are in the seven figures, not to mention unofficial ones… He also defaults on his mortgage payments and in all likelihood his property will be forfeited“. A property that has been vacant since 2020, since Pennant split from then partner Alice Goodwin. There casaworth £3 million was subsequently burned down twice after being taken over by drug gangs and turned into a cannabis farm.

Pennant ArsenalPennant Arsenal

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