He returned from the US and signed a contract with Belgrano: Pili Casas, the influencer and soccer player

A true player on all courts. Pilar Houses es professional footballer and is also all the rage on social media. Some time ago he told his more than 3 million followers on TikTok that he had returned from playing in the United States to sign a contract with Belgrano.

+VIDEO: The Cordovan influencer who signed a contract with Belgrano

The Pirata women’s team is preparing for the season in the AFA First Division. The 19-year-old is one of the new additions. But she already has history in the Alberdi club. Casas was part of the women’s team who were promoted from Primera C and also played almost all the games in Primera B.

Then she left for the United States to continue her professional career and was even crowned champion with the University of Iowa Western, but now she has returned to sign your first professional contract. In a relaxed chat with We continue in El Docetold his path and confessed that it is what he is most passionate about.

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– Being a tiktoker or an athlete, what do you have more fun with?

– My life has always been soccer and if it’s good to accompany it. I don’t think it’s a decision for one or the other. If they can be combined, better. But if I have to decide, football always. Maybe I like that they relate me more to soccer.

– What do you do online?

– The content varies. It takes you a lot of time and football too. I usually do my day to day, recipes that I eat or what I train or the typical way of singing a song. My first video was a friend’s presentation and that video had quite an impact and I kept uploading things random.

– What things bother you that they ask you?

– It bothers me when they ask me if I train every day, if you can compare men’s football with women’s and if I do it for fashion or because I like it.

– Does it put pressure on you to return to this instance? Are you happy with the achievements of women’s football?

– The pressure is because it is part. The tournament starts on February 5 and I’m already focused. Since I set foot on the plane to return, I was already thinking about training to achieve the goals at the club.

– Live from this… Is it really closer or is it still missing?

– It is true that the difference will always be because men’s soccer has an enormous trajectory and is much more than soccer. But there are beginning to be more professional contracts, the quality of training, the infrastructure. We have many things similar to a first men’s.

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