He tore the fetus from the womb of the mother, the first woman executed in the US for over 70 years


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Lisa Montgomery, arrested in Missouri in 2007 for killing a 23-year-old pregnant girl, died at 1.31 am Wednesday after being subjected to a lethal injection at Terre Haute prison in Indiana.

Lisa Montgomery is the first woman to be executed in the United States for over seventy years.

It has not happened since 1953 that the death sentence of a female prisoner was carried out. But according to the judges for the defendant, who ended up behind bars after killing an eight-month pregnant woman by ripping her child from her womb, life imprisonment would not have been enough.

The woman died at 1.31 on Wednesday after being subjected to a lethal injection.

To witness the execution, in addition to some representatives of the media, there were also the family members of Bobbie Jo Stinnett, the 23-year-old pregnant girl who in 2007 Lisa Montgomery kidnapped and strangled in Missouri, and then removed the baby from her womb. .

The little boy, however, survived the torture of the woman, who lawyers define as deranged.

In recent days, in fact, Montgomery’s lawyers had asked President Donald Trump for pardon, claiming that the woman would have committed the crime after a childhood in which she was repeatedly abused and raped by her stepfather and his friends. The request, therefore, was to transform the death penalty into life imprisonment.

But the pardon did not arrive and, after several postponements, one of which due to Covid, the lethal injection was administered today to the 52-year-old prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The prisoner was asked if she wanted to say her last words, but Montgomery refused.

For the woman’s lawyer, Kelley Henry, the execution was a “flawed, illegal and unnecessary exercise of authoritarian power.”

“Nobody – he said, quoted by Reuters – can credibly question Ms. Montgomery’s long-standing mental illness, first diagnosed and treated by doctors at the Bureau of Prisons ”.

The same position was expressed by the civil rights NGO The American Civil Liberties Union and other lawyers.

Montgomery’s was the first performance of 2021 and the eleventh since last year. According to reports from Reuters, in 2020 the United States government executed a total of ten people.

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