He wanted to miss work, self-collected and was found gagged

They found a man bound and gagged: he had faked his own kidnapping

Brandon Soules can be considered a hero, or the dumbest in all of southern Arizona. Is that he faked his own kidnapping to have a day off at the job. In his statement, he indicated that he had been attacked by a couple of masked men.

Then, according to his false account, he was taken to a water tower in the city of Coolidge, Arizona, and then left there. Upon finding him, the Arizona police found him tied up and with a handkerchief in his mouth: it looked like a kidnapping.

When questioned by the police, he ended up confessing that it was not true. According to police, the 19-year-old just wanted to justify taking time off at his job. And according to reports, they found no evidence that Soules had been the victim of a kidnapping.

Dramatic kidnapping in Caballito

Police reports, as reported by the Daily News portal, found that a Coolidge resident said it was a relief to learn that senseless kidnappings were not taking place in the area. She suspects that the 19-year-old made the decision to change careers and jobs, as his occupation is unclear.

“If you don’t like what you are doing, you should find another job. You don’t have to go through all those problems to not go to work. It took taxpayers a lot of money to do all of this and find whoever allegedly kidnapped the guy, ”said Wrangler Gullians, a resident of the city of Collidge.

Soules has been charged with a misdemeanor for making a false report. So far, he has not pleaded guilty. But this is not the first, nor surely the last, that a self-kidnapping has happened: three weeks ago, a girl from Los Angeles had engaged in the same practice to escape her responsibilities.

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