Healthy and easy recipes with salmon

It is one of the fish that we consume the most. It is always available in the fishmongers, it is not expensive, it is healthy and in the kitchen it offers us a game like few others.

Its nutritional composition makes it an ally of our health like few other products. It is a magnificent source of protein and, in addition, it has a high content of fatty acids Omega 3 (That type of ‘good’ fats, whose heart-healthy properties are more than interesting for the body).

Both fresh and smoked, salmon can be turned into dishes that meet the premises that we like the most when it comes to cooking: rich, healthy, easy and quick to make.

Although it is wild -in places like Alaska-, it is one of the kings of fish farms and most of the high-quality salmon that comes to Spain comes from farms in Norway, Scotland or Chile. And it is consumed fresh or, in some cases, smoked in our country.

We do not get tired of this fish at any time of the year and, for that reason, we want to share with you 10 new healthy recipes prepared with this source of health and flavor.


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