Heart of Spring: especially for March 8


“Heart of Spring”, “Stone of Happy Love”, “Stone of Eternal Youth” – these are all the names of an emerald, a stone that for many centuries was considered the most mystical gem that patronizes lovers. The emerald green represents spring and awakening, youth and love. Especially for March 8, the Berkowitz Jewelry company presented the most spring collection of jewelry with emeralds and diamonds. There are holiday discounts on the entire collection now.

They say that before you give your beloved a jewelry with an emerald, you need to charge it: bring it to your lips and whisper words of love, and then it will work as a love amulet – it will strengthen mutual feelings, help find compromises, maintain marital fidelity and bring happiness to the family and harmony.

Emerald is also called the stone of eternal youth, it is believed that it has a positive effect on the skin – it smoothes, and the complexion becomes smoother. This property of the stone was noticed by Cleopatra, she believed that only an emerald was worthy of her beauty. In addition, many more properties are attributed to emeralds – they relieve stress and relieve depression, give inspiration to their owner and unleash his creativity, sharpen intuition and help fulfill desires.

The special spring collection for March 8 from Berkowitz Jewels features a variety of emerald jewelry. Berkowitz Jewelry is a Diamond Exchange factory and a factory store in Petah Tikva that offer gold and diamond jewelry at a unique manufacturer price without intermediaries, often 30-40% lower than other Israeli jewelry chains.

* Delicate, like spring itself, earrings-studs made of white gold with emeralds 0.30 carats and diamonds 0.20 carats from the collection by 8 March today can be purchased for 2700 nis. instead of 5280.

* Aristocratic luxury pendant earrings in yellow gold with 0.32 ct emeralds and 0.50 ct diamonds will cost you 4880 nis after the festive spring discount. instead of 9480.

* Delicate earrings in the shape of a circle in white gold with 0.30 ct emeralds and 0.16 ct diamonds in the special collection from “Berkowitz Jewels” cost NIS 2,450. instead of 4800.

* Classic round earrings in yellow gold, inlaid with 0.32 ct emeralds and 0.16 ct diamonds, are available at a special price by 8 March 2650 Nis. instead of 5200.

Berkowitz Jewelry Company also carries out orders online or by phone / Whatsapp: 050-844-5459. You can send a photo of the model you are interested in and you will be provided with all the information about her, they will send a photo or video in real size and answer all your questions. You can get the decoration with free home delivery.

About Berkowitz Jewelry

“Jewels Berkowitz” is a factory on the Diamond Exchange and a factory store in Petah Tikva, which have existed for over 70 years. Here they understand the true meaning of the phrase “family traditions” – for four generations of jewelers of the Berkovich family have passed on their art to children, just as the jewelry they have created is passed down from generation to generation.

Berkowitz Jewelry offers jewelry of the highest quality at a unique price from the manufacturer without intermediaries.

“Jewels Berkowitz” – a huge selection of gold and diamond jewelry from the most inexpensive to more exclusive models – a real sea of ​​diamonds and gold. Gold chains for men and women, gold and diamond pendants, collections of gold bracelets with fashionable laser cut, gold and diamond pendants with initials, classic diamond earrings and sets, wedding and engagement rings, diamond pendant earrings, an endless selection of diamond rings of a variety of models. At the request of the client, a quality certificate is issued for all stones.

The Berkowitz Jewelry factory store is located at Moliver 3, Petach Tikva

Details can be obtained by phone / Whatsapp: 050-844-5459

You can view the collection on the website: https://berkowitz-jewelry.co.il/

Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/berkowitz_jewelry/

And on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/berkowitzjewelry/

Email: bj@berkowitz-jewelry.co.il

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