Heat death in Louisiana: mother forgets baby when it’s over 30 degrees in the car! girl died

A terrible tragedy has struck in Louisiana. A baby died after leaving his mother alone in a car for five hours in the heat. She was charged with murder. It’s not the first time the woman left a child in a vehicle.

A six-month-old baby tragically died Sunday, August 21, in Lake Charles, Louisiana.Ivy L., 22, forgot her six-month-old daughter in the Auto and went to work. Then, five hours later, the shock: the baby stopped breathing.

Baby left in car in hot weather – mother doesn’t return until 5 hours later

When Ivy L. realized her daughter was not getting enough oxygen, she alerted a deputy sheriff, according to a press release from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, reports People. Another police officer came and they tried to revive the baby, unfortunately without success. The girl was taken to a hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead.

Heat death in Louisiana: mother charged with murder

Ivy L. initially denied that her daughter was with her. However, she later admitted that she left her daughter in the car when it was over 30 degrees outside. The late girl’s mother was charged with second-degree murder and possession of marijuana.

Woman already forgot a child in a hot car

It’s not the first time she left a child in the car. Ivy L. is said to have left her first child in the car in 2019. The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services and the police looked into the case and “the mother voluntarily gave the baby to us before the state had to intervene. The baby was given to a family member so there was never any further investigation ‘ said Deputy Police Department Chief Gary Guillory.

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