Help for the seriously ill Jayden

Six-year-old falls ill with meningitis and now needs round-the-clock care. The Freiensteinauer Renate-Fhl Foundation supports the family.

Little Jayden Montgomery needs 24/7 help after suffering from meningitis. He suffered a stroke and is blind.
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GREBENHAIN/FREIENSTEINAU – “A world has collapsed for us,” Susanne Klingenberger from Crainfeld still cannot believe the terrible fate that hit her six-year-old grandson Jayden from Flieden a year ago, who was a healthy, bright person until his serious illness little boy was. It all started with a supposedly normal cold, but after a few days it became clear that Jayden was suffering from severe meningitis. This and the subsequent stroke meant that the little boy’s life hung by a thread for several weeks and he had to be looked after in intensive care medicine for several weeks.

Jayden then came to rehab, first in Kassel and then in Brandenburg in early September. In that time he has made little progress and will be home by the end of the month. But nothing in his life will be the same as before his serious illness. Jayden, who also has a sister who is three years his junior, will be looked after and cared for by his mother at home – almost 24 hours a day. Massive renovation work in his parents’ house in Flieden and other expensive purchases are necessary for the little boy – and only a part of it will be covered by the health insurance company. A care bed has already been approved, but it will only be possible to deliver it at the end of January 2023. And now Jayden needs a handicapped bathroom and nursery, as well as a specially modified new car. The costs for everything are expected to be in the high five to six-digit range. A sum that presents the young family with extremely large financial challenges that are impossible to handle alone.

Two weeks ago, on the occasion of the opening of the new village shop in Crainfeld (which LA reported), where Jayden’s grandmother Susanne and his godfather Marco live, a donation box was set up there. At that time, the board of directors of the local rural women’s association in Crainfeld also handed over a first donation check for 500 euros. And now the Renate-Fehl-Foundation from Freiensteinau is getting involved. “We would like to help,” says Oliver Fehl, owner of Fehl & Sohn and chairman of the foundation. The foundation, named after his mother and senior company boss Renate Fehl, who died in 2007, has set itself the goal of helping socially disadvantaged children. Three years ago, she had already initiated a very similar fundraising campaign with the “Celin-Mobil” campaign to finance a car that had been converted to be handicapped accessible for the then 16-year-old Celin Wagner from Radmühl. With great success: the foundation initially provided 6,000 euros and ultimately raised 30,000 euros in donations.

The foundation would now like to achieve such a success again for little Jayden. It initially provided 5,000 euros as start-up capital. “We don’t want to wait and see, we want to do something now,” says Ulrich Höhn, Chairman of the Foundation’s Advisory Board. With the existing base, they want to encourage further donations and promote them, not least among the company’s business partners. But everyone else can also do something financially to help Jayden. Flyers and posters are intended to draw attention to the fundraising campaign.

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