Help with non-profit conservation projects on a remote homestead in Sitka, Southeast Alaska, USA

This Society works to protect the natural environment of the Tongass National Forest and build sustainable communities within Southeast Alaska. In 2018, we were gifted a remote homestead property in the Lisianski Inlet of Chichagof Island near Pelican, Alaska.

The property is surrounded by the magnificent West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness, which our organization’s original members spent years working to get established by bringing policymakers and others to the area in order for them to form their own meaningful connections to place; ones you can only get from first hand experience.

We have been developing the property over the last four years and hosting creative retreats connecting diverse artists, writers, and activists involved in environmental work to the Tongass National Forest – people who will take the inspiration afforded to them through their experience, share it widely through myriad mediums, and advocate for the Tongass.

Additionally, we have used it as a field station for stewardship activities on the surrounding West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness, including collecting user data and maintaining trails in partnership with the US Forest Service.

We are looking for help doing maintenance and upgrade projects on the property to make it usable long term for our creative retreat and wilderness stewardship programs. It is in need of more substantial upgrades, repairs, and maintenance to support our goals and long-term use.

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