Henrik Fisker anticipates the arrival of an electric pick-up: when will it arrive?

At the beginning of last year, Fisker made a small mistake on the social network Twitter since he published an image of the back of his next launch: a truck with the name of Alaska. The publication, which was accompanied by a short description that said “¡pick-up eléctrica!”It disappeared after a few minutes and we have not heard anything about it from the US firm.

With a very aggressive design

However, everything has changed with the arrival of the new year as Henrik Fisker, president and CEO of Fisker Inc., has shown a preview of a pick-up 100% eléctrica. This time it was not on Twitter, but on LinkedIn, in addition to maintaining the publication instead of deleting it so as not to leave traces of the future plans of the brand. However, we do not know if this design will be the final one or if it is simply a marketing maneuver to attract interest towards the American firm.

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In any case, the specimen we have in images shows us part of its aesthetics from three hindquarters, exhibiting a aggressive design. The angles aren’t that of a traditional pick-up truck, and it doesn’t look too burly like the GMC Hummer EV we saw last year. It actually looks more like a lifestyle vehicle, and that’s exactly what Fisker wants to accomplish with his next project.

Will it be a reality?

At this point we do not know if this vehicle is the same that Fisker showed on Twitter at the beginning of December – it showed an image of the light groups of a future product -, or if it is a completely new one. For what it’s worth, the CEO used the word radical in both teasers, with the last one being touted as “most radical” in its final design. However, keep calm as there is a keyword embedded in Fisker’s title on his LinkedIn post: “Ok yeah, the next vehicle could be a lifestyle van!”

“Might” is the key term here, so everything indicates that nothing is 100% confirmed at this time. In any case, one thing is clear and that is that electric vans They are becoming one of the most important vehicles to consider, either for this year or next.

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