“Her condition was getting worse and worse”: woman tells of her husband’s death from coronavirus | Video | Univision Phoenix KTVW

facing the year in mourning.

with a provoked crossroads

for the financial sense.

reporter: got sick


by the 20th of that he was admitted.

on December 2 tubed, to

one month, on January 2, he passed away.

every time your condition

it got worse.

never got better.

I had no prior condition.

he suffered from nothing.

He was 45 years old.

reporter: 6 in total of the

family were infected.

the first days I tried

she help her husband to

relieve yourself.

I took him to the hospital

because after with

home remedies, evaporations

Homemade did not improve.

every day was worse.

he had lost a lot of oxygen.

because you had less than 80%

when he got to the hospital.

reporter: besides his wife

leaves two small children.

well, they warned about

last minute.

I couldn’t make him aware of

all to the children.

They are 9 and 11 years old.

they do not fully understand that the

paá no longer arrives.

reporter: last night they happened


your trend tracker

shows that arizona is the

first place in the world to

coronavirus infections

bathing him in the cases


for every one hundred thousand inhabitants in

each state.

you think i could

be attributed to the governor and his

lack of action? how does it feel

as the relative of someone who

already died from the virus?

I think the authorities don’t

they took this event seriously.

this pandemic.

that there was a lot of negligence.

on the part of the authorities.

reporter: for many families

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and sandra over the duel is

financial concern.

I stopped working two ago


We were in the rental business.

we had to close it.

He was the provider of the house.

We are having a bit of a bad time.

reporter: if you want to contact

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