here is the best film of 2022 according to the director of Pulp Fiction

January is a good month for tops, flops and other rankings milestones to remember the year 2022. It is also an opportunity to ask Hollywood personalities for their opinion on what was done best during the whole year, their best memories etc. Today it’s the Director Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood) who tells us about his nugget of 2022.

Tarantino: a deep love for tony scott

We have already devoted several articles to electing the best productions of the past year, and our expectations for the new year. And sometimes some rankings are more amazing than othersit’s the case of the ranking of the best manga-related films in Japan.

Guest on the Podcast ReelBlendthe director of Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood spoke about the year 2022 and the films he saw at the cinema. 2022 was a very good year for French and world cinema, so we can understand that the choice may seem difficult. However, it is without hesitation that Quentin Tarantino defines Top Gun : Maverick as his favorite film of the past year, according to him thatthis is a sequel that respects the first film extremely well, QT never having denied his deep love for Tony Scott’s cinema :

Normally, I don’t talk too much about new movies because I feel compelled to say only good things about them. But in this case, I still have to say that I love it Top Gun : Maverick. I found this film fantastic. I saw it at the cinema. As Brett Easton Ellis says, this movie and West Side Story by Steven Spielberg are both amazing movies. They are spectacular. The kind of experience you don’t think you’ll see again today. It was truly fantastic. Top Gun : Maverick, it’s a film that gives me the impression of watching another film by Tony Scott, who is a man for whom I have enormous respect, whose cinema I love. Joseph Kosinski did an excellent job. You can feel all the respect and love for Tony in every shot, in every image of Top Gun : Maverick. It’s thorough. It shows in every one of his directing decisions.

Top Gun : Maverick and what other competitors?

Quentin Tarantino thus expresses the deep respect he has for his counterpart Tony Scott, unfortunately deceased, and that is understandable. Tarantino also signed the screenplay for the film True Romance for Tony Scott, who you also know for USS Alabama, Enemy of State, Man on Fire or Domino. Top Gun is one of his best-known feature films, which propelled Tom Cruise to international stardom. The great qualities of the film are the thoroughness of its shots, the beauty of the flight scenes and the soundtrack that would thrill any fan of the film just at the first notes. The sequel is totally in the same category, taking up many cult scenes from the latter.

However, there was competition in 2022! After a few years of Covid, Hollywood and other world productions come out of the water. The Northman, Licorice Pizza, The Batman, Everything Everywhere All At Oncethe Pixar Red Alert, Glass Onionor the very recent Avatar: The Waterway, the competition was fierce. In fact, many of them are found in the Hitek ranking of the best films of 2022. And you, which one is your favorite?

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