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Whether we like it or not, unless Hugh Jackman goes back on his word and decides to grow his mutton chops and claw his claws for one more spin, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will inevitably recast the role of Wolverine when the X Men reboot officially enters active development. Of course, with the multiverse in play, there’s still a chance Jackman could pass for a surprise cameo, but in terms of playing the character full-time, the actor is as good as he gets.

We have already had thirteen X Men movies, with Wolverine positioned as the focal point for more than half of them, and there are so many names that haven’t even been seen in live-action yet that Marvel doesn’t need Logan to make it happen. of their version of the mutants a success. The MCU as a brand is big enough to grab audiences no matter who the cast member is, and anyone brave enough to step into Jackman’s shoes could be bracing for a downfall due to the level of scrutiny that goes into it. accompanies the replacement of an icon. .

A name regularly linked to the coin, however, is Strange thingsBreakout star Dacre Montgomery and a few BossLogic fan art imagine what he might look like as a fan favorite smoking cigar and adamantium bone, which you can check out below.

Montgomery is literally half the age of Jackman at 26, but the latter was 31 when he first appeared as Wolverine dans Bryan Singer’s X Men, so by the time the MCU shot on the property hits the big screen, the two Australians would be roughly the same age. Of course, the actor has also been rumored for Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm, which seems like a much better fit than taking on the daunting task of playing one of the most iconic figures in 21st century cinema, but we’ll have to. just wait and see what happens.

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