His neighbor decided to expand his house … but it turned into a tragedy! (video)

published by Elisa on May 04, 2021 at 4:19 PM

While carrying out work on his home, this man encroached on his neighbor’s house, preventing him from accessing part of his home. He files a complaint.

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There are all kinds of neighbors: the one who becomes our friend, the one to whom we render services, the one whom we never see… But this man came across a not very kind person, and above all very selfish. While his neighbor did work on his house, Stuart Smith can no longer access part of his house in Kings Norton, near Birmingham, England. Indeed, his neighbor has erected a “bizarre” extension that extends only a few centimeters from his property.

He complains

The man then lodged a complaint, accusing the builders of having done their job poorly. He claims the builders didn’t follow the instructions properly and couldn’t install the roof on his neighbor’s house, so they just built a wall under his roof. The case is currently the subject of a investigation of the Birmingham City Council Planning Team. She will determine whether the work to upgrade the house from three bedrooms to five bedrooms has been carried out properly.

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Stuart Smith at the worst

“I really feel bad about it. I have trouble sleeping. It’s just very stressful. It’s a lot of worry. We bought the house as the house we wanted to live in forever ” , Stuart Smith told Birmingham Live.

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Also questioned by the media, his neighbor said he had already spoken to the city council and that he was in the process of taking care of this matter.

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