his oversized sneakers could have caused the incident …

As at every recess, Yasir Hussan, a 10-year-old boy, was playing football as a goalkeeper when he fell and hit the wall head-on. Staff at his Birmingham primary school then called for an ambulance, but it never came because emergencies were overwhelmed with the Covid-19. The student was then brought home by his mother as his condition seemed to be improving.

He sadly passed away five days later last November. The person who answered the teachers’ call apologized, she who sought advice from her supervisor and a paramedic before canceling the ambulance. The mother who picked up her child said she would not have done so if she had had a clearer view of her condition, which deteriorated later in the day.

Sneakers that are too big?

The little boy’s fall could be due to his sneakers, which were too big for him. “I could pass three fingers between his heel and the back of his sneakers,” says a rescuer. The mother was also warned when she came to pick up her son. “I was told that he wanted to have his sneakers and that they had therefore granted his request,” she explains.

“I told mom if she had any concerns she could pick up a phone and call an ambulance or take her to the emergency room. I asked her twice if she understood what I meant and she said yes. It was the last time I saw Yasir, ”laments the rescuer who had examined the little boy. But the mother did not react when her son said he had a headache and his condition worsened. The investigation is ongoing to determine the wrongs of each other.


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