his reaction to the blatant rudeness of RTVE

There are many of us who still walk with shoelaces from moving the body with Chanel’s ‘SloMo’ in the ‘Eurovision’ contest last year. And it is that the election of the new candidate made in Spain is just around the corner from the hand of the ‘Benidorm Fest‘. Despite the little that remains saraoRTVE has shelved its presenter planned and confirmed by the first hour public entity, maximum orchardFrom overnight.

It was the writer himself who announced the bombing through his Instagram account: “Many are asking me… and I want to say it. I will not be at the ‘Benidorm Fest’, but I want to keep the memory of last year, which was wonderful”, he explains through stories.

Besides, whoever was Ana’s gossipy sidekick Rous In ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ he has not missed the opportunity to remember his former teammates from last season: “With my great friend Alaska and with the hilarious and ingenious Inés Hernand. I will keep it forever as a good memory, but not this year, this year luck to the next ones, to the seconds. A hug and I love you, so all resolved“, ditch the journalist.

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Capture Web 13 1 2023 103715 Www Instagram Com

Story of Máximo Huerta – Instagram

But a dead king, QUEEN put. Huerta’s replacement will be none other than our dearest Monica Naranjoas they already revealed last July and accompanied by Rodrigo Vázquez and Inés Hernand, the one who will lead the show both in the grand final and in the two semifinals: “We are going to have some spectacular performances and representatives. I have faith and sooner or later we will get the Crystal Microphone“Confessed the interpreter of ‘Sobreviviré’ in the presentation.

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